Selection of Work

Flower Symphony (Series)

2024 - AI Art


2024 - AI Art

Abstract Reverie (Series)

2023 - AI Art

Botanical Souls (Series)

2023 - AI Art

Whispers of the Celestial Realm

2023 - AI Art

Blooming Wonderland

Digital Art - 2023

Enchanted Colorscapes

Digital Art - 2023

Pink Dreams

Digital Art - 2022

Other Work

Exhibitions & Awards

Forbes x Rarible Art Contest Finalist - 2024

MakersPlace x World of Women Event - Nolcha Show's SLS Hotel - Miami - 2023

Transient Lab x HUG exhibition - Oculus Galery - New York - 2023

ArtCrush Gallery x HUG exhibition - Ghent - 2023

About the Artist

Amarylis, also known as AMYLILI, is an artist and illustrator residing in the beautiful small country of Luxembourg. With a background in Furniture and Product Design holding a BA(Hons) degree, she has embarked on a creative journey that spans various artistic mediums.

After experiencing a burnout from a five-year tenure in a financial services company, Amarylis made the courageous decision to change her career path and pursue her passion for art. For the past four years, she has flourished as a freelance artist and illustrator, specializing in 2D digital illustrations while also embracing traditional techniques and painting on canvases. In 2022, Amarylis started experimenting with AI art since late 2023 she has started integrating it into her daily work and exploring new creative possibilities.

Femininity serves as a central theme in Amarylis' artistic expression. Through her art, she seeks to empower women, envisioning them as powerful, strong, and confident beings. Her paintings aim to convey these feelings of empowerment to the viewer, igniting a sense of strength and self-assurance.

Amarylis also finds solace and healing in her artistic practice. Prior to her burnout, she grappled with a significant art block that persisted throughout her finance industry career. However, after her burnout, she took up a brush and started painting again. Since then, art has become a therapeutic outlet, allowing her to channel her emotions, explore her creativity, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Recognized for her talent, Amarylis has had her work curated by various NFT projects and companies such as World of Women, TheHUGxyz, and Rebel Society. These opportunities have further validated her artistic vision and allowed her to share her creations with a broader audience.

Through her artistic pursuits, Amarylis merges her creative talents, design background, and passion for flowers. Her art not only serves as a means of personal expression but also as a catalyst for inspiring others. She aspires to leave a lasting impact, empowering individuals and inviting them to embrace their own strength and confidence.

Amarylis Hibon

©2024 AMYLILI by Amarylis Hibon // All Rights Reserved

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